Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seeing Self-Expression in Tokyo

I love Tokyo for it's people-watching, societal rules, busyness, conformity and attempts at self-expression. One of the best places to observe this self-expression in teenagers is in Harajuku, a common area outside Harajuku station, at the opening of Yoyogi Park and adjacent to Takeshita-dori, a Japanese teenager's shopping haven.

Each Sunday is a sight to see as Tokyo teens gather to socialize and show off their cosplay and anime-inspired fashions. Proudly posing for the tourist paparazzi, this is one of the few places in Tokyo where the Japanese enjoy being photographed by gawking tourists.

harajuku harajuku harajuku akihabara Akihabara


  1. I have always wanted to go to Harajuku to see the crazy fashions. I wonder how this tradition of teens gathering in their out-there apparel came to be.

  2. So many interesting trends! The guy with the mask and purple tulle is working quite the look.